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Janos Kummer

Photographed by Orsi Ajpek

Janos Kummer was born in 1983 in the town of Esztergom in Hungary. After finishing highschool he was studying at Business College in Szolnok, but due to the lack of interest from his side he had not graduated yet. In 2006 he participated in a scholarship program and he studied photography in Denmark at the Vraa Hojskole. As a student of Emil Schildt he got familiar with the many methods of black and white technics, developing and enlarging of the negatives.

In 2007 he graduates from MÚOSZ Association of Hungarian Journalists, György Bálint Academy of Journalism in Budapest as photo journalist and he becomes an intern at HVG, the most popular weekly business magazine in Hungary.
In 2008 March he joines the editorial office of Zoom.hu, a new online news-portal and stays there till the end of the site. Currently he is working as a photo columnist and photojournalist for a well known Hungarian online news-portal, Figyelonet.hu, and publishing in many Hungarian and international magazines and sites.

Because of his old affection for street photography, he started to use Budapest as the best practising field to show unique moments with his mood, how people live their life in between the center of east and west. Another interest of him, Music. Especially loud and noisy hardcore and punk music, he started to take photographs of all the concerts and events he visited. Janos works closely with many of the Hungarian Booking Agencies like Skalar Music Hungary, Budapest Rock and Roll, For the kids. Currently he is working on a project to document the Hungarian punk and hardcore scene.

He regularly participates in the major national exhibitions (National Geographic, Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition, Lumix award). His photo blog was awarded by GoldenBlog Competition by HVG in 2008-2009. In 2009 he successfully held his first own exhibition and got the award of "EISA Maistro - Photographer of the year" surcharge. In 2010 Janos was nominated for the Lex van Rossen Award for European music photography which was exhibited around Europe. n 2012 he received 1st place for Creative Wedding Portrait Photography. In 2013 he received the award Wedding Photographer of the Year. In the same year he received Photographer of the Year award from NME, a leading British pop/rock music journalism magazine.

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This blog has awarded by GoldenBlog Competition 2008, Hungary (Second place)
This blog has awarded by GoldenBlog Competition 2009, Hungary (Second place) ? :)